Current State Teams

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Jack Besgrove  Southern Districts Benjamin Jager Hornsby 
Mitchell Brownlow  Georges River  Caden Keed  Orange
Thomas Cass  Southern Districts Aiden Kelly  Orange 
James Darby  Macarthur  Ryan King  Macarthur 
Ethan Field  Southern Districts  Hayden Mathews Hornsby 
Jarred Garland  Penrith City  Harrison Peters  Macarthur 
Jeremy Garland  Penrith City  James Todhunter  Macarthur 
Blake Jackson  Southern Districts  Peter Wards  Macarthur 
Head Coach:  James Todhunter  Assistant Coach:  Alan McNulty 
Assistant Coach:  Peter Wards  Manager:  Lesley Darby 
Assistant Coach:  Geoff Lowe  Statistician:  Sandra Palmer 
Madison Baker North Shore  Tahli Moore North Shore 
Michelle Cox Manly Warringah Kaia Parnaby North Shore 
Isabelle Hanna North Shore  Gabrielle Plain Macarthur 
Rachel Lack North Shore  Brianna Trim Manly Warringah
Chantelle Ladner Macarthur  Jenna Trim Manly Warringah
Kandra Lamb Hornsby  Taylah Tsitsikronis Penrith City 
Stacey McManus Sutherland Shire  Grace Wrixon North Shore 
Alyssa Mighell North Shore  Paula Zaballero Macarthur 
Head Coach: Kerrie Porter Battery Coach: Kelly Gentle 
Assistant Coach: Neridah Wearne Manager: Sandra Holland
Assistant Coach: John Neilsen Statistician: Rowena Whittle
Danielle Adam  Georges River  Elizabeth Gosby  North Shore 
Lisa Casaclang  Cumberland Nepean  Charmaine Johns  Georges River 
Rebecca Casaclang  Georges River  Kisaki Sato  North Shore 
Elissa Commins  North Shore  Leanne Scott  Manly Warringah 
Kyira Cox  Sutherland Shire  Belinda Severin  Southern Districts 
Suzanne Fairhurst  Georges River  Belinda Summerville  North Shore 
Katie Gaynor  Cumberland Nepean  Leah Willoughby  Cumberland Nepean 
Michelle Gorisse  Manly Warringah  Itsumi Yonezawa  Newcastle 
Reserve. Train on Squad       
Sarah Piper  Southern Districts     
Head Coach:  Christopher Coleman  Manager:  Kellie Parker 
Assistant Coach:  Jamie Barrington  Statistician:  Donna Kelly 
Assistant Coach:  Stephen Besgrove     
Jack Besgrove Southern Districts Lachlan Hort  Macarthur 
Ben Cashen Newcastle  Mitch King  Orange 
Seth Charter-Smith Southern Districts  Jack Kumnick  Macarthur 
Lachlan Coe Southern Districts  Graydon Lisle  Orange 
Corey Gleeson  Southern Districts  Boston Lowe  Macarthur 
Jake Gleeson  Macarthur  Oliver Stewart  Macarthur 
Timothy Gleeson  Macarthur  Makye Telfer  Newcastle 
Alex Gutteridge  Penrith City  Evan Wulff  Macarthur 
Head Coach: Tony Jackson Assistant Coach: Dave Sheppard
Assistant Coach: Geoff Kelly Manager: Selwyn Williams
Assistant Coach: Troy Lach Statistician: Chris Fraser
Ryleigh Arnott Cumberland Nepean Ineke Keed Orange 
Hannah Barlow Manly Warringah Teoni Lamb Hornsby 
Sienna Burgess North Shore  Olivia Moore Newcastle 
Mia Gilmore Macarthur  Matilda Newman North Shore 
Emily Gordon Newcastle  Erin Partridge North Shore 
Abbey Hart Sutherland Shire  Jessica Smith Penrith City 
Tina Horton Macarthur  Zoe Taylor North Shore 
Jayde Jensen Sutherland Shire  Caitlin Wilde Hornsby 
Head Coach: Kerrie Sheehan Assistant Coach: Jamie Sheehan
Assistant Coach: Janelle Dunk Manager: Vanessa McRae
Assistant Coach: Danielle Adam Statistician: Lynne Townsend
Joel Byrne Macarthur  Ethan Milligan Georges River 
Austin Gooden Cumberland Nepean  Noah Powell Newcastle 
Max Hayhow Cumberland Nepean Noah Seddon Penrith City 
Brodie Jessup Penrith City  Dru Senituli Cumberland Nepean
Xavier Lachat Penrith City  Carter Shears Macarthur 
Bradley McCarthy Penrith City  Maikera Thompson-Tetana Cumberland Nepean
Harrison McDonald Georges River  Braith Warren Southern Districts 
Jordan McSavaney Georges River  Thomas Woods Newcastle 


Head Coach: Adam Rindfleish Assistant Coach: Matthew Beach
Assistant Coach: Callum Beashel Manager: Jamie Barrington
Assistant Coach: Geoff Lowe Statistician: Maria Wakefield
Charlize Aplitt Sutherland Shire Angelique Iredale Cumberland Nepean
Sophie Burnett North Shore  Charleigh Kemp Manly Warringah 
Renee Coubrough North Shore  Madeleine Kirgan Sutherland Shire 
Maddi Durnell North Shore  Isobel Lambert Hornsby 
Milla Durnell North Shore  Jayda Lorigan Cumberland Nepean
Molly Gill Newcastle  Kate Luyten Sutherland Shire 
Maya Gillies Sutherland Shire  Ciara Saunby Penrith City 
Jennifer Honings Hornsby  Isabella Trevena Macarthur 
Head Coach: Nicole Morley Assistant Coach: Alice Donohoe
Assistant Coach: Peter Wards Manager: Amanda Barrington
Assistant Coach: Melanie Thomas Statistician: Damaras Clarkson
Fuinelakei Aukafolau Southern Districts  Tyler Ingold Penrith City 
Cameron Baxter Georges River  Dean Lawlis Penrith City 
Parker Cameron Macarthur  Aiden McSavaney Georges River 
Jonathan Fabar Cumberland Nepean  Jordan Micallef Penrith City 
Dante Foweraker Macarthur  Blaze Pus Georges River 
Murray Gibson Cumberland Nepean  Cooper Smith Central Coast 
Adrian Gnutzmann Central Coast  Ezekiel Turnbull Georges River 
Jake Hurst Orange Bowan Williams Southern Districts 
Head Coach: Dale Smith Assistant Coach: Chris Brownlow
Assistant Coach: Harrison Pudner Manager: Kellie Parker
Assistant Coach: David Garland Statistician: Rhonda Schultz
Ruby Allison North Shore  Hazel Labador Manly Warringah 
Markayla Butler Macarthur  Andi Lau Manly Warringah 
Kara Cassidy Cumberland Nepean  Amelia Manks Cumberland Nepean 
Matilda Clarke Manly Warringah  Tayla Moore North Shore 
Layla Geros Manly Warringah  Mckenzie Newson Cumberland Nepean 
Josie Howlett North Shore  Tanika Terkildsen Cumberland Nepean 
Arwen Kavanagh Newcastle  Sophie Williams North Shore 
Tahlia Kennedy Manly Warringah     
Head Coach: Neridah Wearne Assistant Coach: Jessica Morley
Assistant Coach: Kaia Parnaby Manager: Kerri Wallwork
Assistant Coach: Stacey McManus Statistician: Narelle McIntosh